Data Use

What Happens To The Data You Provide?

Occupational and geographic data that you provide is aggregated together with others’ and is used for research purposes only. All individual information is kept confidential. This research is instrumental in providing important data to a variety of data users.

It helps universities, vocational/technical schools and education program administrators make informed decisions about where to focus resources. It helps industries and employers identify labor pools for specific occupations, identify occupational trends and turnover rates and to advocate for training programs to fulfill needs for new recruits in high-demand occupations.

The data also helps career counselors and other job service professionals to guide job seekers and it helps economic development organizations obtain occupational profiles and projections for the regions they serve.

These are some examples of research data that can help businesses and organizations:

  • Projected growth in employment and openings by occupation
  • Turnover rates by occupation (employer can compare own rate to Alaska as a whole)
  • Percent of workers that are nonresidents (compare own rate to Alaska as a whole; can affect hiring requirements in some industries).
    Resident Hire Report:
  • Custom requests. Employers and organizations have special requests for data or data analysis to answer a specific need.

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