Standard Occupational Classification (SOC)

Includes Alaska specific codes

The drop-down menu of major occupation groupings below provides detailed descriptions of the Standard Occupation Classification (SOC) codes as well as examples of occupations usually given the code.

SOC is a national government system that allows agencies to collect and analyze occupational data. It allows agencies to produce various reports such as the Nonresidents report and help determine whether education programs may lead to certain occupations.

The SOC code is the six-digit code that best describes the activities of the employee. In some cases, the six-digit code has been expanded to identify occupations important to the state. For instance, seafood processing workers are coded as 51-3022.05.

The code is based on the work actually performed--not the code for jobs for which employees might be trained. For example, an employee trained as a Computer Scientist, but working primarily as a Manager, should be coded as a Manager.

An occupation that combines two different activities is reported with the code for the activity that requires the highest skill or educational level. If these levels are the same, then the code for the occupation in which the employee spends the most time is used. Employees who changed jobs during a quarter are reported in their last occupation.

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